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Practical Suggestions When Thinking Of St. Louis Criminal Lawyers

The violation of the Fifth Amendment right of Mr. Benjamin Wilkinson has triggered The People’s Counsel, the best St. Louis Criminal Lawyers, to move and petition for what happened. According to the Fifth Amendment, no one will be required or compelled to testify against him or herself in a court of justice. This is actually the “right to remain silent” because any statement that you are going to say can be used against you.

The People’s Counsel has always dedicated their expertise to ensure that everyone can be given a fair trial and as a criminal attorney in St Louis, they make certain that criminals will also be given a fair trial.

Mr. Wilkinson was detained in 2014 for murdering his partner, April Ward. While he was in jail, the mother of the victim, Mrs. Palmier, visited him to check out what really happened between him and her daughter. However, Mr. Wilkinson did not say anything and just stayed silent as he knows that he is being recorded. He didn’t know that his silence will actually be used against him by Mrs. Palmier proclaiming that his response is a type of guilt. The case was closed with a statement about his silence and he was found guilty.

The People’s Counsel actually made a petition because of this. The petition was overturned, but it’s an obvious indication that they want justice to be served appropriately.

We’re known as the best DUI and murder lawyer in St. Louis and our main goal is to ensure that every person is given a fair trial, even the criminals obtaining a hardship license. Some folks might claim that we are not helping at all since we’re attempting to defend criminals, but you need to also understand that there are a lot of innocent folks who are being sentenced in prison as they don’t have an excellent lawyer. Normally, criminal lawyers are hired for DUI license reinstatement and other issues that are related to this.

You can also call them DUI lawyers because this is the most common thing that they deal with.

The People’s Counsel became popular because they have the best St. Louis criminal lawyer with a proven track record of success, which suggests that if you’ll hire them, you’ll have better chances of success. They manage all state and federal criminal matters and they already dealt with serious charges and obtain not-guilty verdicts and dismissals. We’re working with the clients very closely because we want to know everything about the case and ensure that they’ll win. Every client is actually different so we have to get all the information to make sure that we can present the facts in court.

If you would like help with a criminal case or a DUI license reinstatement we may help you with your issues. You can contact us today and we can offer the services that you need. We also help in cases of employment discrimination.

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