Saturday, April 13, 2024

Anniston City Schools to require face coverings this fall

ANNISTON, Ala. (WIAT) — The CDC is recommending that fully vaccinated people begin wearing masks indoors again, and Anniston City Schools is heeding their suggestion.

Anniston City School Board voted last week to allow students and staff to learn in person again, using masks.

“We’ll be a little flexible in terms of being outside with P.E., and to wear a mask on the bus as well, so pretty much we’re sticking with the plan we originally started with everyone having masks on,” said Dr. Ray Hill, Superintendent of ACS.

Hill claims that teachers will be provided with sanitization tools and encouraged social distancing.

“(We’re) even looking at opportunities to provide tents for outside classrooms or take advantage of areas with opportunities under trees or put some benches out; so if a teacher wants to go outside with the weather permitting, they can do so,” said Hill.

The school district’s protocols fall right in line with national health agencies’ recommendations for the fall semester.

“Now the AAP recommended about a week ago all persons two and older vaccinated and unvaccinated wear a mask in schools and this is now being reinforced by the CDC,” said Dr. Andrea Branch, MD with the Regional Medical Center.

Branch says she’s encouraging parents to lead the way when it comes to vaccinations and masks inside their school districts.

“Your voice is probably going to be bigger than ours because you know for some of those schools you’re paying the tuition or you’re on the school board or you are going to the school meetings. You have a large say in what they are going to do for your child,” said Branch.

Hill says the school board will reevaluate the mask mandate at the end of September to see where health official’s recommendations stand.

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