Thursday, September 23, 2021

Falkville man charged in Jan. 6 Capitol riot considering plea deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A Falkville man arrested on explosives and weapons charges in Washington on the day of the Capitol insurrection is considering a plea deal, according to federal court records.

Federal court records show that Lonnie Coffman has until September 1, according to federal court records to accept a plea agreement from federal prosecutors. Coffman appeared via videoconference Monday morning at U.S. District Court Washington.

Coffman is chargedNumerous counts of unlawful ammunition possess, unregistered gun ownership, carrying an illegal pistol, and either carrying a rifle or a shotgun are some of the charges. He’s also charged with having an unregistered firearm and possessing a large-capacity ammunition feeding device.

The charges stem from a search of Coffman’s truck in Washington on the day of the Jan. 6. Insurrection in Capitol. Capitol police claimed that they found a weapon in the truck of the suspect and searched for gasoline bombs or other weapons.

Coffman was being detained by police as he tried to return to his car. At the time of his arrest, he had two guns.

On Monday, prosecutors and Coffman’s defense said a plea offer had been provided and was under consideration. The judge ordered both sides of the case to submit a joint notice by Sept. 1 and set a Sept. 29 hearing.

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