Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tigers for Tomorrow on Untamed Mountain

ATTALLA, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s not often you get the chance to feed a tiger or watch a lion play hide and seek, but you can do that right here in Alabama.

CBS 42’s Andrea Lindenberg had never seen a jaguar and a tiger play with empty boxes like a couple of house cats. Untamed Mountain is full o’ surprises.

“We are Tigers for Tomorrow on Untamed Mountain,” Tigers for Tomorrow executive director Sue Steffens said. “We have been here for 15 years. We are open to the general public on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for general admission. We are a permanent home to over 175 animals.”

Tigers for Tomorrow provides a sanctuary for predatory animals that will be their forever home. Sometimes, changing laws force owners to surrender their animals. Others simply can’t take care of them.

You can observe friendly big cats from a safe distance. They act in certain ways like pets.

“Any animal that is in captivity and cannot go back into the wild, I feel its it our obligation to spoil them, give them the best life possible, spoil them intellectually, physically,” Steffens said.

It’s also impressive to see the human and animals communicate with other in a respectful way.

Around the coroner from the lions and tigers, you’ll find a grizzly bear named Yonah, who loves playing in his pool. Yonah doesn’t like salmon, which is odd. But he’s meat eater. Tigers for Tomorrow’s animals eat 1,000 pounds of meat per day.

While the big cats and bears are crowd pleasers, there are so many other animals you’ll learn about. You can even get to pet a camel, a zebra, and other animals. Bottom line, it’s about relationships at Tigers for Tomorrow, between humans and animals.

“We are gonna spend all day with these animals, enjoy them, interact with them and have relationships with them. Like the tiger running with us,” Steffens said. “You’ll see many other animals come up to us.  It is important to have good relationships.  If there’s a weather emergency or a health emergency, these animals have got to trust us.”

Make sure to include Tigers for Tomorrow in your list of places to visit in Alabama.

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