Thursday, September 23, 2021

University of Alabama bridge set to open soon

TUSCALOOSA (Ala.)WIAT) — The University of Alabama is getting some much-needed road improvement work done. Wednesday, August 4, will see the opening of a bridge overpass that will allow students to walk or bike to campus without worrying about dangerous train tracks.  

Shelby Carpenter, a Senior at the University, is delighted that the University has constructed the overpass.

“Growing up I grew up near train tracks in Birmingham, and I was always told to stay away from those and never go or walk near them at all. So walking across train tracks has been sketchy, and so now that there’s a path over it that will eliminate that fear.”

The new bridge will link 15th Street and Paul W. Bryant Drive.  It’s a one-mile-long overpass that allows car traffic to drive above the train tracks. It will also have a ten-foot-wide pedestrian and bicycle path, as well streetlights.

Mayor Walt Maddox stated that the bridge will not only improve safety for students but also benefit the economy.

“It will provide a great transportation opportunity. It will also open up economic development down the 15th street, be safer, and help grow businesses. It’s a win for Tuscaloosa.”

The construction of the new overpass bridge cost $21million.

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