Saturday, April 13, 2024

Heat Advisory Through Wednesday Night

First, July is hot. But not all heat is associated with a Heat Warning. Limit your time outdoors, especially during peak heat of the day between Noon and 5pm.

Tuesday’s forecast: Morning temperatures will stay in the mid 70s and we will see some patchy morning fog. At 8 AM, temperatures will be in the 80s with afternoon temperatures in the low to medium 90s. Be aware of what weather you can wear. The humidity will make it hard to get out of bed.

Even though air temperatures will be in the 90s, it will feel more like 105° to 110° Wednesday. Our viewing area’s western half will be our hottest spot tomorrow. No matter what, we’ll all be baking. Keep cool. Drink lots of water. Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine. If you are required to go outside, make sure to take frequent breaks. Heat exhaustion is a common symptom that can occur quickly and without warning.

The week will see little change. We will trade rain to get sunshine. The price we pay is intense heat. I would concentrate on the purple numbers below. That’s the feels like temperatures (more formally, heat Index). When you’re outside, the feels like temperatures is what your body feels and in turn, how it responds. It’s harder for our bodies to cool themselves off the more humid it is.

For at least 5 days, we will be in the oppressive humidity category. Relief is on the way…we’ll just have to wait until later this weekend and into next week. Some rain may return and could bring us a sharp cooling. Keep checking for updates as models adjust as we approach the weekend. One thing is for sure, we will have rain and we will see a break from the heat, but I’m not convinced entirely a plunge in the temps is going to materialize.

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